Elena Rubin's journey began in the unlikeliest of places. On Wall Street.

A hard-driving Harvard graduate with an engineering background and a high-powered career, the long hours 'rewarded' her with acne, hair loss, and auto immune disorders. So Elena sought the help of Eastern Medicine. She healed—quickly and radiantly. Awed and changed, she left the corporate world to pursue her calling: holistic skincare.

Elena speaks of chi and balance. But her approach to skin is firmly grounded in science. Her products are pure and her facial pampering, and the results speak loudly for themselves.  Her compassionate approach, root cause solutions and targeted advice have earned Elena a loyal following.

Elena remains committed to healing skin with both her services and award-winning products, while her leadership abilities have enabled her to develop other facialists to be truly distinctive providers of pampering, nuturing and healing skin care.  In addition to ethetics, Elena mentors other holistic practitioners as well in ETHOS COLLECTIVE WELLNESS , the wellness center she founded over 4 years ago in the heart of SoHo.


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