Choose one of the following Facials:

Signature Facial

Unisex | $348 with Elena ($398 for new clients), $148 with Jennie | 100 minutes+

Our Signature Facial is custom designed for what your skin needs. Today.

It’s full of tiny choices—thousands of them, thoughtfully administered. Our very special, unique and gentle approach coaxes out any flaws*, and replaces them with soft, supple radiance. To assist: Elena’s own Pure Botanicals and other exclusive products. Cutting-edge equipment. Extractions so gentle you might not know they’ve begun. Plant-based peels. Acupressure. Massage. Endless nourishment.

The result? Bright eyes. Pliable skin. Fading redness. A kissable pout. What’s not in the room: ticking clocks or waiting customers (appointments are booked spaciously).

Skin Fitness Facial

Unisex | $298 with Elena, $108 with Jennie | 60 minutes

Our Skin Fitness Facial is a swifter service to maintain your skin before your next Elena Rubin Signature Facial. Including everything except extractions, it is ideal for an instant glow—delivered through weekly peels, or pre-event infusions of moisture. It primes your skin to be healthy, clear, and performance ready. 

Our clients are gleaming.  Contact us today to book your appointment within the next eight weeks.