Why Choose Elena Rubin Skin Care Products

What’s so different about this skincare line?  

Elena Rubin products work because they are made with chirally-correct, synergistic actives. Let’s break this down. 

Chirality: Every molecule has two sides that look more or less identical, but have different chemical properties. We only use the sides that achieve the desired skincare results, and don’t cause harm. Hence, our products are chirally-correct (and super effective!). 

Synergistic Actives: Our products are incredibly pure and gentle: they are paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, artificial fragrance/phthalate-free, and artificial color-free. We produce them in small batches, and they look, smell, and feel like no other skincare product out there. 

Are your products tested on animals? 

Never. We test on ourselves, and other fully consenting humans. Our clients inspire a lot of our products, and we’ve been known to ask a lucky few to sample new formulations (after us, of course). We would never offer you anything we havent first tried, loved, and used on a regular basis.

Is Elena Rubin a real person? 

Yes! And she used to have not-so-great skin. 

Rosacea-prone and oily, Elena’s skin has always needed coddling. In college, she broke out into severe, recurring acne for an entire year, and spent painstaking days nursing her skin back to health. Finally, after decades of redness and sensitivity aggravated by mainstream skin treatments, Elena founded Elena Rubin Skincare. 

How’s Elena’s skin now? 

Elena has spent the last five years mastering the art of glowing, happy, low-maintenance skin. She takes her own advice, and follows a skin plan, getting a SKIN FITNESS FACIAL every four weeks on the dot, and performing daily upkeep with the PURIFY bundle including STIRLING and MONARCH add ons. 

Picking Your Products

I want to use Elena Rubin skincare. Where do I begin?

There are three ways to start:

1.  Replace products from your previous skin regimen with Elena Rubin alternatives as they run out.

2.  Purchase a targeted product for a specific skin ailment, such as BYGONES for blemish control.

3.  Take the plunge and switch out all your products This is the most popular and effective way to begin, and you’ll notice the benefits right away!

How do I know which products are right for me? 

Our skincare bundles make choosing the right products easy. Consider this:

  Is your skin naturally clear, low maintenance, and supple? If so, our SIMPLIFY bundle is for you.

  Does you skin ignite at the slightest irritation? Our SOOTHE bundle will put your skin on the path to healing.

  Do you frequently have blackheads, acne, and oily skin? The PURIFY bundle will help reduce breakouts and return your skin to a healthy balance.

  Do you struggle with skin unevenness or age spots? Our ILLUMINATE bundle reduces signs of aging and infuses your complexion with a healthy, even glow.

  Is body acne or recurring, all-over dryness an issue for you? The BODY bundle will leave your skin nourished, soft and hydrated. 

Can I use other products with an Elena Rubin regimen and method? 

Of course! If you have a product that you love, that really works, that you miss when you arent using it, by all means keep using it. And tell us about it! We’re skincare geeks, and love to study product labels. 

However, most of the time our clients aren’t absolutely in love with their other products—they’re just in the habit of using them. And in some cases, those products are doing more harm than good (think tightness, rashes, flaky skin). If this sounds like you, we encourage you to keep looking for that product that makes your skin positively radiant, with us or elsewhere!

What You Can Expect

Will your products get rid of dark spots? 

Yes. Try LIGHTEN UP brightening serum 2x per day and the LUX brightening cleanser 1x per day to help even skin tone and fade dark marks. It will take some patience—natural brighteners need 2-3 months before you to start to see the full effect—but our clients experience breath-taking results. 

Will your products get rid of puffiness around the eyes? 

Yes. INCOGNITO can help a lot with this. It contains circulation-boosting actives that help reduce stagnation in the eye area. Exercise, acupuncture and proper hydration (drink that cucumber water!) also help to reduce puffiness.

Do you have products for helping with Rosacea? 

Yes. REMEDY (formerly called MODEL CITIZEN) serum really can reverse the tracks of chronically red skin. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser like SOLACE and a protecting day lotion with mineral sunscreen like CARPE DIEM as well. If your skin is oily, too, try alternating the VERITAS bar with the SOLACE cleanser to keep your skin in balance. 

Do you have products for acne-prone skin? 

Yes! In fact, we have a crack team of them. VERITAS is a great acne cleanser. BYGONES keeps the blackheads under control. AD HOC spot treatment corrects flare-ups when they occur. SERENDIPITY is the perfect lightweight, non-clogging night lotion to use so you donʼt overdry. CLARITY CLAY is an ideal weekly mask treatment will keep you from being overly shiny and congested. Together, they’ll keep your acne at bay. All of these but CLARITY CLAY come in the PURIFY bundle.

What are your anti-aging products, and how do they work?

We have so many! The best anti-aging, firming, toning products we have are STIRLING, BIOGENESIS, INCOGNITO, LUX, SERENITY, CARPE DIEM and REFINE. Check out the product pages for a complete list of key ingredients. If you want to go deeper into the “how,” feel free to geek out and do your own research! 

The Elena Rubin Skin Care Studio

Why are you located in a holistic wellness center? 
To heal your skin—and you, we occasionally need to draw on the expertise of Elena’s holistic colleagues. Says Elena: “I’m proud to say that for massage, nutritional counseling, or acupuncture, my fellow practitioners are some of the best in the city.”
Why Eastern Medicine?
Simply put: it works. The focus in Eastern Medicine is on root cause and whole mind-body solutions. It focuses on healing the issues, not just tamping down the symptoms. Click here for more details. 
Why purple?
Beyond our logo, lavender is present in the essential oils we use, our embroidered silk robes, and the royal aura that envelopes you during your service. Elena says: “I am often inspired by the power of lavender. It’s antiseptic, and heals both cuts and viruses. It cools and revives, balances and calms the nerves, and even settles the stomach (yes, you can ingest it!). Not only do I appreciate lavender itself, and use it in my practice, but it’s also a fitting analogy to my facials, which are at once relaxing and (afterwards) incredibly uplifting.” 
What’s the difference between the Elena Rubin Signature Facial and the Elena Rubin Skin Fitness Facial?
The Elena Rubin Skin Fitness is a quicker (50-minute) version of the Elena Rubin Signature Facial, and designed to maintain clear, uncongested, and illuminated skin—without extractions. Seek one as often as weekly to prep for an event, receive an infusion of moisture, or obtain an instant glow.  
Elena wears a surgical mask during my facials. Why?
This is more about you than Elena. She’s not worried about germs; she’s concerned about breathing on you, and marring an otherwise perfect, pampered facial. It’s just another example of Elena Rubin’s laser focus on details.
Why is your work week so short? 
Simple. With Elena Rubin, all clients receive incredibly, devoted personal care and consideration. To keep herself fresh and energized, she chooses quality over quantity—now and always. Elena spends the other days studying, meditating, working on her inner zen balance and answering clients’ frequent questions about skincare. 
What does ‘enlightened skincare’ mean?
We’re glad you asked! Elena Rubin is a practitioner of the all-encompassing—and often inexact—concept of holistic wellness. The Elena Rubin Skin Care Studio is balanced for feng shui, chock full of books on Eastern medicine, and most importantly, inhabited by someone who prepared herself for your arrival. During your time with her, Elena herself talks about chi (or “qi”), the energy channel that dictates your well-being. She utilizes pressure points on you, and practices ancient Shiatsu and energy healing techniques. But despite these Eastern leanings, Elena Rubin is first and foremost an engineer who marries western knowledge with Eastern philosophies.As a Harvard graduate, engineer and former McKinsey consultant, she can’t help it. She approaches holistic skincare in an enlightened way: with a positive attitude, relentlessly questioning, analytical and intuitive yet grounded in science.