The New York Times | Style Magazine says: 

"Now a sought-after facialist, Rubin has created an namesake skin care line that blends the rigor of the lab with the gentleness of natural ingredients. All her products are chirally correct, meaning they contain only the effective, nonirritating halves of molecules, making them safe for even the most sensitive complexions, and they have no artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances, and no sulfates."

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New York Magazine says:

"Rubin’s signature facial is both relaxing and results-driven, beginning with a few rounds of breathing and a foot massage. Skin is then thoughtfully examined, and unlike other experiences where one can feel as if all of their flaws are exposed, Rubin points out both the good and the bad about her clients’ skin. Her extractions are painless (no, really), and the ingredients in each product, most of which come from her own paraben-free line, are thoroughly explained."


Well+Good NYC says: 

"It’s an injustice, all right: You're still getting pimples even though you’re pretty sure you spotted a gray hair. Shouldn't these teenage blotches and spots be a thing of your long-ago past? The sad truth is—and you might want to sit down for this one—because women’s hormones fluctuate throughout life, pimples never go away. Sometimes they even appear for the first time—or, how's this for a shocker—get worse as we age...And noticing patterns is a really helpful for getting to the bottom of the angry red bumps that are invading your adult life... 

"Adult acne is a hugely frustrating, emotional, sensitive issue,” admits Rubin. “But while it can be a difficult experience, it's often a great learning process that will re-connect your awareness to your body in a beautiful way that will last a lifetime."


Well+Good NYC says: 

"Every woman, no matter her age, has likely had a morning when, after a long, blissful stretch of clear skin, you wake to a pimple that's bewilderingly big and inflamed. You don't have your period, so you can't blame hormones, and you haven't majorly changed-up your skin-care routine—all which leaves you wondering, what gives?

Star facialist and holistic skin-care expert Elena Rubin calls the phenomenon the "zit bomb," and says the culprit is likely something you ate within the last 12 to 24 hours. "Skin is very connected to the digestive tract," she explains. It's an idea which has growing support from MDs, too."


Well+Good NYC says: 

"Skin-care advice is simple—don’t overwash, don’t pick—except when it’s not.

Then it gets confusing with various miracle ingredients, and flat-out contradictory advice: Avoid oil if your skin is oily. No, wait, wash your face with oil instead. Get oxygenating facials. Or, no, use antioxidant products. (Some of the advice out there is flat-out wrong—see dermatologists’ misguided love affair with Cetaphil.) Obviously, skin care isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your best beauty routine is one that’s tailored to your skin type, age, and areas of concern.

But certain truths transcend those specifics. I asked top aestheticians for their basic rules for having great skin. Here’s what’s in their own routines—and what should be in yours too...

3. Take a probiotic. “Great skin happens when your digestive tract is working well,” says New York holistic facialist Elena Rubin, who also recommends avoiding inflammatory foods like dairy, gluten, and nightshades, and eating papaya and pineapple for their natural digestive enzymes...

6. Sleep. Then sleep some more. We know, we know, you hear it all the time. But that’s because your body’s need for sleep is no joke. Rubin recommends splurging whenever possible for 8, 9 or even 10 hours. “The body repairs itself during sleep and you really notice in the skin, especially the eyes, if you are well rested.” And wear an eye pillow, preferably one with lavender filling, which provides soothing gentle pressure and helps drain away puffiness...

10. Use sun protection all the time. Yup, you knew that was coming. But it’s the number one product that helps prevent skin cancer, plus sun damage like brown spots, and the signs of aging that inspire most women to buy skin-care products in the first place. According to Rubin, you have to throw a hat on, too (and yes, even in the winter)."

ALLURE Magazine - January 2014 Issue says:

"Close your eyes, relax and let someone else worry about your skin's imperfections for a change...

New York City has an abundance of talented facialists, from the well-known, like Tracie Martyn and Joanna Vargas, to the up-and-coming, like Elena Rubin, who draws on her Harvard background and engineering training to select the genuine advances in skin care from the merely trendy... attentive facialist is as close as I've come to finding, however breifly, an ideal mother. For that hour or two, I feel like I am the sole and valued object of someone's beneficent gaze. The condition of my skin is the ostensible reason I plunk down money and time, but the condition of my psyche is essential, too. It feels lighter and more nourished after a visit to the right facialist."


Men's Journal - July 2014 Issue says: 

"Facial oils and serums catering to men are f looding the market. “Think of these products as a multivitamin for your skin,” says New York City facialist Elena Rubin. A few reasons to consider using them: “Men have more and larger pores, and as they get older, their skin gets drier...

Don’t expect fountain-of-youth results, but using these products could slow aging. “It’s about prevention — once the damage is done, it’s hard to correct,” says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, research director at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City."


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"The serum is clear, lightweight, and absorbs completely. Better than anything I’ve ever used...I love how Elena Rubin’s Model Citizen has kept my skin so happy and healthy (balanced is the word I keep coming back to) and I cannot overstate how well it absorbs, especially for such a powerful rescue potion. I highly recommend it for exhausted, abused and generally beleaguered skin."

"However, I have found the missing link in that routine! This product is the perfect companion. It is so mild and lightweight. I just mist it onto my face, and pat dry. I swear I think it has also calmed down the redness from my intense workout routine, which usually has my face red for an hour or longer. I’m assuming it’s the pH balancing properties that calm my skin down in a much quicker manner."

"Since using Lighten Up, my skin tone has greatly improved and there are a lot less freckles/spots across my décolleté. I even showed my husband the photos (see below) and he agreed that there was a significant difference in the “after” photo. The larger freckles/sun spots are faded, some of the smaller ones have disappeared, and the other areas look evened out."

"Solace definitely lives up to its name and I certainly feel it is a boon for the hypersensitive."


Marie Claire - June 2012 Issue says:

"Skin OCD. We know it's wrong to pick and prod at our blemishes but can't seem to help ourselves.  Geraldine Campbell learns how to outsmart the urge to excavate...I've always been a picker...Medically speaking, compulsive skin-picking is known as dermatillomania.  Holisitic New York Facialist Elena Rubin calls it skinorexia...And so I wondered, Was Rubin right about me and my skin scrutiny?...Rubin's advice was to approach my skin from a position of love rather than hate, to honor my skin and in so doing, honor my self.  The first step was to..."


New York Weddings - Summer 2012 says:

"Elena Rubin's two-hour facials include extractions that won't leave a trace of redness or irritation."


Whole Living - March 2012 Issue says:

"While doing extractions or applying high-tech wands, serums and a skillful touch, [Elena] talked soothingly about skin, body and well-being.  By the time I left, carrying a bag of products and a sheet of instructions, I felt hopeful, uplifted.  I went home with that good feeling one gets at the start of something.  My skin, and even my attitude toward it, had a kind of metaphorical 'new car smell'...a few months have passed from that facial, and the effects did last quite a while..."


Men's Journal - July 2012 Issue says: 

"How to protect yourself?  Wear a daily moisturizer made specifically for the face that contains a broad-spectrum sunscreen.  Dermatologists recommend SPF 30 but most mainstream moisturizers are SPF 15.  You can find 30, but you'll pay more, as moisturizers over 15 require quality ingredients to keep them from feeling grainy. 'Quality is dictated by how much particle pulverization happens in the lab, so you have to pay more for better products' explains Elena Rubin, a skin-care formulator in Manhattan."

"BEST DAILY FACE MOISTURIZERS. Elena Rubin Carpe Diem SPF 28 has no smell, no chemicals, and doesn't leave a chalky pallor, although it takes a few seconds to rub in.  It also has squalane, an olive-derived hydrating oil and glycerin, a natural lubricant."


Marie Claire - October 2011 Issue says:

"I found myself gravitating away from typical spas, which were too rote and detached to provide the sort of nurturing I was  looking for. In the process, I stumbled upon true healers, whose approach to everything from skin extractions to exfoliating scrubs was deeply personal.  My skincare aesthetician, Elena Rubin, a McKinsey consultant turned holistic facialist, didn’t just extract blackheads and apply soothing serums; she put her magnifying glass up to my life...when I lay on Elena’s table, I felt my body begin to mend, even if my heart and my mind hadn’t caught up."

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Time Out New York says:

"We were thoroughly impressed with nearly all of the items in Wall Street consultant turned facialist Elena Rubin’s botanically rich, toxin-free skin-care line, but we found ourselves reaching for this [Incognito] silky smooth eye serum the most. The lightweight formula quickly sinks in to depuff and brighten dark circles like no other eye cream we’ve tried."

Well+Good NYC says: 

"Enter Elena Rubin, a rising star among New York City facialists, who custom-creates treatments for your skin...I’m no longer flaking. Nor am I breaking out. My skin’s firmer, nourished, and I owe what natural radiance I’m rocking this winter to her." says: 

Out, Out Brown Spots

"Too much hydroquinone can actually bleach your skin and cause hypo-pigmentation,” says New York facialist Elena Rubin. “It’s risky to use and it can make you look splotchy.” The aesthetician, whose black book of celebrity and model clientele is closely guarded, advocates tyrosinase inhibitors like azelaic acid, arbutin, and kojic acid, which work like hydroquinone—only naturally and non-invasively...

According to Yeretsky and Rubin, lasers aren’t worth the cost—or the risk. “Laser treatments don’t have a very high effectiveness rate for the amount of money you pay,” Rubin says. “And some of my clients have reported that lasers actually scarred their skin.”

POPSUGAR Beauty says: 

Real Beauty: 5 Minutes with Robyn Lawley

"Due to my work, my skin was constantly dry. So I decided to make my own face wash and moistriser with oils. I also use SK-II products and serums by my facialist, Elena Rubin."


"REFINE Energizing Scrub works just as nicely as it smells. Made with gentle, natural exfoliators like raspberry and blue corn, and mixed with skin-stimulating caffeine, the scrub will have your skin feeling refreshed, brightened, and ready to take on the day. The only problem we encountered after testing out REFINE? We couldn't stop feeling our softened faces!"


"The Elena Rubin VERITAS Soap Bar isn’t your plain, old-fashioned bar of soap. At closer look, you’ll notice that it’s natural and chock-full of clarifying actives...In short, the VERITAS soap is perfectly crafted to remove excess oil without over-drying or irritating your skin. This product is perfect for anyone who has bumps, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, or generally oily skin."


"Blue corn, raspberry, rosemary, marjoram, orange, grapefruit, and green tea are just a few of the ingredients in Elena Rubin’s REFINE Energizing Scrub. Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, and Kojic Acids provide brightening, lightening, softening, smoothing natural exfoliation. Oh, and don’t worry–caffeine boosts circulation and antioxidant action for instant radiance. And it just smells so good."



Vital Juice says:

"Former Wall Streeter Elena Rubin is one of our favorite facialists in the city. (Her holistic signature facial at Elena Rubin Skin Care  is aaah-maz-ing.)"



"Holistic facials give you a dose of zen with your extractions.  Facials are typically considered a means to an end: blast away zits, excavate pores, and tighten saggy areas.  But imagine a better kind of facial, one that was more therapeutic, and helped pinpoint the underlying causes of skin issues.  Elena Rubin, a New York-based facialist, is pioneering this type of holistic approach."



"Cult Manhattan facialist Elena Rubin uses chirally purified ingredients in all her products; we love this whisper-light mineral sunblock. [Carpe Diem SPF 28]"

What's In My Handbag says:

"I wear this sunscreen every day of the year - it's a light formulation and i really like the texture."[Carpe Diem SPF 28]


City Path says: 

"Living in any city – but particularly one that’s as awhirl with dust, pollution and free radicals as this one is – can wreak havoc on even the most resilient skin. Restoring it to optimal health usually requires the help of a professional, and few have a deeper understanding of that process (both clinically and personally) than owner-esthetician Elena Rubin." 


The Organic Beauty says: 

"I get seriously excited about finding like-minded, holistic practitioners in a wide variety of different disciplines that complement the work I do as a Health & Nutrition Counselor.  And when that practitioner's focus just happens to be looking amazing through an inside-out approach, all while using natural, environmentally friendly products, well that's just icing on the cake.  Elena Rubin, of Elena Rubin Skin Care, is a truly exceptional holistic facialist, who provides not only an amazingly effective, skin-nourishing facial, but also a wonderfully healing, whole body experience.”


bubblechild says:

"It’s funny how some things are completely unpredictable, and others are just like clockwork.  For me?  I wish it weren’t so, but my reaction to dairy is JUST like clockwork, with many bodily functions, including none other than: MY SKIN.  I had the absolute pleasure of getting a facial from Elena Rubin (creator of Elena Rubin Skin Care, and holistic medical professional), and she noted that while my skin looked pretty good, it did have some breaking out on my chin.